Our Project Business Partners

CIMC Raffles Offshore Ltd.

CIMC Raffles is a 100% subsidiary company of CIMC Group, which is an international corporation providing high-quality offshore equipment and contract services to clients all over the world, there are 4 Offshore and Marine Research & Development Centers, 3 offshore construction bases and 3 operation companies with nearly 10,000 staffs.

Bass Tech AB

Bassoe Technology AB is a subsidiary of CIMC and is a recognized designer of advanced mobile offshore units, such as Jack-Ups, semi-submersibles and drillships.


OIM are working in close corporation with Dwellop AS and their development of Workower Rigs . The WOR combined with OIM Jack-Up rig’s for P&A and Decommissioning projects.

Markhus AS

Markhus AS is a Norwegian based engineering company specialized on offshore Living Quarters block. Markhus AS have the overall architectural responsibilities for the R-550PA Living Quarters.