Typical Projects

The AJ, DJ and PA series of JU rigs can be utilised in a number of areas within the Offshore Wind Energy and Oil & Gas sector

Greenfield Platform Projects

The AJ 62 units can provide accommodation and construction heavy lift support for hook-up and commissioning activities during installation of new topsides. The rigs can accommodate a large number of personnel, and will have 100% up-time during any weather conditions unlike semi-submersible accommodation and construction rigs

The AJ 62 units can be used to install jackets as well as sizable topsides within the limits of the Heavy Lift Crane

Brownfield Platform Projects

The AJ 62 units are flexible tools, e.g. the large free deck area can be used for temporary storage of equipment and modules, the Heavy Lift Crane (HLC) can be used to install new "add-on" modules. The AJ 62 units can accommodate the number of personnel typically required for execution of the Brownfield Projects


The R-550PA Unit are tailor-made for P&A and Decommissioning projects. A typical P&A and Decommissioning projects requires smaller number of POB compared to Green and Brownfield projects. The Decommissioning unit R-550PA, DJ 50-120 and DJ 62-135 have therefore a larger free deck area for temporary storage of modules or steel structures then the AJ 62-X135 units.


Clients can improve rig mobilisation and demobilisation time, and save cost if the modular drilling rigs are assembled and pre-commissioned onshore, and then lifted directly using the R-550PA Heavy Lift Crane onto the wellbay area on the production or wellhead platform. This combined solution is also a very efficient tool for P&A projects if a Cantilever solution cannot be used. The R-550PA can potential store larger quantities of cement, mud and other liquids etc. typically required for P&A, Well intervention and side-track drilling operations.

Subsea structure installation

The R-550PA have 500 mT subsea lifitng capacities down to 95 m of water depth. The DJ 62 can install subsea structure up to 1.150mt down to 140m of water depth. Subsea templates can be shipped offshore by barge or ship, optional be lifted onto the DJ 62 deck at shore. "

Offshore Wind Projects

The R-550PA, DJ 50 and DJ 62 units are perfect sized for installation of most Offshore Wind HVDC transformer stations including their jackets. The AJ and DJ JU rigs rigs can provide the required offshore accommodation and construction support for the commissioning team.